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A seasoned marketing professional with 38 years of experience in communications and video production, Ruth is the executive producer and marketing director at Massey Filmworks.

Growing up in a family that owned a marketing firm gave Ruth a love for the secrets and power of marketing genius. An avid photographer and filmmaker since the 80’s, Ruth is a master at creating visual content and marketing strategies that will ignite your business growth. Her degrees in psychology have given her keen insights on how to both effectively capture the attention and motivate your unique audience. As executive producer and marketing director at Massey Filmworks, LLC, Ruth will be closely collaborating with you throughout the process to bring your vision to life with cutting-edge, compelling video artwork.

 "Give me a call and let’s bring your dream to life!"


A creative artist deft at wearing many hats, Sarah is a producer, director, DP, editor and actor based in South Carolina.


Captivated by cameras and visual storytelling since she was a kid, Sarah grew up immersing herself in writing, photography and theater performance. A life-long history buff and travel junkie, she wrote, directed and starred in her first film at the age of 12, a road trip docu-short exploring the Revolutionary War history of Virginia’s Historic Triangle. After graduating, she decided to pursue her lifelong love for acting and cinematic storytelling, honing her skills by writing, directing and editing documentaries, short films and music videos.


Self-taught in digital filmmaking and editing, Sarah’s directing work brings together a spontaneous, real-life sensibility with a keen eye for beautifully composed, cinematic visuals. Her passion for the creative process and style of highlighting raw emotions, organic movement and honest performances has been a driving force behind her art.


“I can’t wait to see what we can create together!”

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